Energy Development | Enron, Community Development, Kinder Morgan and Invenergy

Responsible for finding natural gas and renewable energy sites. Siting criteria required locations near available transmission lines and, f or the natural gas sites, sites near natural gas line capacity.  For Kinder Morgan, had two years to obtain water, zoning and regulatory approval (i.e., air, discharge, stormwater, land, etc.).  Project was permitted within 14 months.  For Invenergy gas sites, had 12 months to find water, obtain delivery mechanism, get water permits.   obtain required zoning and all regulatory approvals.  Project was permitted and construction started in 11 months.  Wind site development in San Diego County and Lassen County, California.  Projects required Power Purchase Agreements with San Diego Gas and Electric and project agreements with the Campo Indian tribe and transmission on the Pacific Gas and Electric and from Lassen County Municipal Utility District.  Agreements and contracts were approved and projects are in final contract negotiations within 14 months.


Adjunct Professor - Environmental Policy | University of Colorado-Denver

For the past 18 years teach a class in environmental policy development for the Masters program in Public Administration.  The class educates local, state and federal officials, and private interests in water, energy, wastewater, stormwater, air, NEPA, solid waste, and how to implement and develop environmental programs.


Water Demand Management Study | City of Westminster, CO

The study accomplished three goals, 1) determine the water use characteristics of new residential development, 2) identify an effective water management program to reduce demand, 3) evaluate the potential for water conservation in new and existing development.  The study was used to avoid a water tap moratorium for new housing because of supply shortage.


Water Asset Study | Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District

District was faced with a water tap moratorium because of a supply shortage.  District reviewed its assets and developed a water supply program using its storm water, ground water, recharge, wetlands, contract rights, and water demand management program to avoid shortage.  The District now has a water program at 7% of its original estimated cost.


Water Demand Management Program | JPI, Lincoln, Pacifica, Fairfield, Capital Pacific,  Prime West, First Industrial, Morgan Group, AIMCO and RedPeak

Research and analysis of water use patterns in residential and commercial buildings.  Develop program to reduce water use for buildings in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Utah, Washington, and Colorado.  Results of analysis resulted in significant water and sewer savings ($60,000 – $1,100,000).


Power Plant Water Studies |  Enron, KM, KN Energy and Invenergy

Research water and discharge options for power plants in Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, and Florida.  Analysis resulted in obtaining approval of construction of plants at designated sites.


Consolidation Program | City of Cherry Hills Village

The City was not a water and sewer distributor; however, the City had 46 separate water and sewer contracts, by far the most in the Denver metro area.  Negotiated with several water and sewer providers for a “Total Service” contract to serve the entire City.  With the new contract commenced negotiating a voluntary program of dissolution for the various water and sewer providers and developing either a new water supply or upgrading their systems to meet new standards. hortage.


Water Demand Study | Apartment Builders Association of Metropolitan Denver

City of Aurora was recommending an increase in the water and sewer tap fees for apartment units.  AquaSan reviewed the proposed fees, developed data that convincingly demonstrated significantly reduced demands than projected and justification for a reduction in the proposed water and sewer fees.


Water Project Consulting | Hannifen - Imhoff

Company regularly invested in or reviewed potential investments in water projects.  AquaSan reviewed and provided recommendations regarding the efficacy of the project.


Product Consultation | Southwest Water Company

Performed analysis and studies that identified several products and companies for acquisition by Southwest Water, which were eventually acquired by client.


 Water Demand Study | Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority

ACWWA was one of the fastest growing service areas in the Denver Metropolitan Area.  The Authority was rapidly outstripping its ability to meet its expected demands.  AquaSan reviewed the projected demands, updated that demands and established a facility development plan to meet the projected growth in the service area.  


Galleria Water/Sewer Service Study | Galleria Mixed Use Development Project, Aurora,Colorado

The Galleria project was a politically and environmentally sensitive project because of its impact on Denver, Aurora, Greenwood Village, and Arapahoe County.  Key to the development was the availability of water and sewer and the various alternatives for service.  The first phase of the project was to identify water and sewer supply alternatives, water conservation program and negotiate water and sewer service agreements.  Study required thorough understanding of water and sewer extension agreements and city policies regarding water right acquisitions, sewer connection, and distributor responsibilities.  Estimated delivery system costs and developed district water and sewer tap fee and rate schedule.  The second phase of the project involved constructing offsite water and sewer facilities, obtaining approval from 23 separate entities, and installing a sewer line through an established neighborhood and existing Denver Park.  Duties included coordination with public officials, businesses, neighborhood organization and individual property owners, as well as engineers, surveyors and contractors. 


Colorado Integrated Resource - Conservation and Economics Model | Colorado Water Conservation Board.

Developed the first model that integrated the impacts of water supply, resource development, and water conservation on the economics of a water provider’s budget and rates for the State.  


Model Water Conservation Plan | Colorado Water Conservation Board, State of Colorado

Developed the model water conservation plan for Colorado municipalities.  Plan includes various tested conservation tools for reducing water use, various strategies for implementing the program and the financial impact of various water conserving methods.


Water Conservation Program | City of Englewood, CO

Developed a water conservation/management program to reduce water usage for the city’s residential, commercial and industrial accounts.   Program reviewed the efficacy of various programs and the program’s impact on the City’s water finance account.


Water Management Program | Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District.

Developed a water conservation program that included asset management, water supply development, and water demand reduction programs.


Douglas County Water/Sewer Service Study | Douglas County Metropolitan District

Developed and implemented a plan to supply water and sewer service to  2,000 acre District in northwest Douglas County.  Project responsibilities included developing and implementing water conservation program, identifying demands, annexation policies, water and sewer charge and tap fee analysis, facility sizing, pipeline routing, financial feasibility analysis, revenue generation, programs, evaluation of water supply and sewer service alternatives, and explanation of the plan to District Board, constituents, and financing firms.


Private Water/Sewer Service Study | Gondolier Farms 

Gondolier is a mixed use development zoned in Douglas County, Colorado.  The project had no water and sewer supply.  Negotiated contract with local district to obtain water and sewer supply.  Duties included utility demand analysis, water and sewer fee analysis, water conservation program development, water quality impact negotiations, ground water analysis, negotiation of water and sewer contract, utility construction cost estimates, and augmentation plan.


Water Resource Program | Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District, Arapahoe County, Colorado

Cherry Creek Valley has a need for developing a water supply for its future development.  Developed and implemented water management plan, including water reuse and graywater system, pricing incentives, and educational program.  Facilitated appropriation of Senate Bill 5 ground water and helped develop tributary and non-tributary delivery system.  Analyzed and recommended water and sewer tap fee structure and user charger schedule.  Developed water and sewer annexation, water audit, water conservation, and water line extension policies.  Executed contract negotiations with Denver Water Board.  Performed functions relating to demand analysis, water conservation program development, computer programming, scheduling, cost and revenue projecting, and political analysis.   


Water Management Analysis | Colorado Water Conservation Board

Researched and analyzed various conservation measures including pricing strategies, legislative initiatives, retrofit programs, new development incentive packages, reuse systems, and graywater technologies.  The information was assimilated and incorporated into a system operation and finance model.   


Resource Fee Research Study | Homebuilders Association of Metropolitan Denver

Homebuilders were concerned about the cost of developing new water supplies and corresponding system development charges that had escalated to the highest in the nation, $7,250/home.  Asked AquaSan to research alternative water development strategies and costs for possible use by municipal entities.  Developed and designed a water conservation program which could provide a reliable water for several communities at a cost of less than $ 2,500/home.   


Water Research Study | Engineer 470 Partnership

E-470, a highway connecting communities on the eastern portion of the Denver Metropolitan area from needed water for its landscaping, originally estimated at $ 1,000,000/mile.  AquaSan researched costs and alternative landscaping projects.  Implemented a xeriscape landscaping program and a graywater system for irrigation that saved the Partnership over 50% of their original estimate.


National Water Rates and Charges Study | Metropolitan Denver Home Builders Association. Denver, Colorado

Retained to perform metropolitan wide water and sewer rate and tap fee charges survey for the Colorado area and the U.S. southwest.   


Sewer Fee and Charge Study | Confidential Client, Water 

Retained to perform metropolitan wide water and sewer rate and tap fee charges survey for the Colorado area and the U.S. southwest.   


Expert Witness | E-470 Highway Authority, Bill Walters and Alluvial Storage, Inc.

Provided expert witness services regarding the availability and feasibility of water and sewer to property along the E-470 corridor.  Projected costs and revenues, determined best policy practices.  Worked with local districts, cities and property owners for installation of water line.   


Rates and Fees Analysis | American Water Development, Inc., Denver, Colorado

Analysis of present and future rate structures, fees and charges in the front range. Developed program to generate revenue from water supply inventory.     


Lakewood Future Water Research Study | City of Lakewood, CO

Involved in many different but complementary management and technical tasks.  Executed detailed research and analysis of the City's existing water situation, including a supply study and demand study.  Developed water and sewer annexation policies, alternative supply scenarios, cost and revenue projections, and financing alternatives.  Managed program development through initiation of detailed research concerning all legal water agreements, and developing community support for projects' conclusions.   


Littleton Future Water Research Study | City of Littleton, Colorado

Littleton was faced with a water shortage plus a multi-million dollar decision whether to participate in building the Two Forks Dam.  Initially reviewed existing contracts and current water supply.  Estimated demand and developed alternative supply scenarios.  Costs and revenues were projected for the scenarios and a recommendation was provided.  Technical responsibilities included hydraulic analysis, contract review, demand analysis, and economic analysis.  Recommended program for meeting the costs to be incurred from future water projects.   


Easement Negotiations | Meadowlakes Project

Residential development in Arvada, Colorado.  Retained to obtain the approval and facilitate the  construction of a sewer line through the back yards of a rural neighborhood.  Project had been stopped several times during a four year period for environmental and political reasons, and, for these reasons, was considered "impossible" to install.  Approval received, project came in on budget and schedule, and a thank you note was received from the neighbors.  Duties included pipeline routing, right-of-way acquisition, and project management.


Water Line Negotiations | Green Valley Ranch

Mixed use development in northeast Denver and northern Aurora.  Negotiated proposed annexed areas of 8 mile water pipeline, reservoir and pump station in Denver.  Duties included contract negotiations, payment schedule, cost estimates, construction schedule, and addressing local political and environmental concerns.   


Water Resource Analysis | City of Grand Junction

Analysis of Grand Junction’s water supply and impacts of upstream water development on City’s supply.  Represented the City in negotiations regarding impacts of upstream development on water quality.   


Annexation/De-annexation Negotiations | Bromley Park Metropolitan District, Brighton, Colorado

Bromley Park had a need to obtain water and sewer service to its service area.  An agreement was structured with the Beebe Draw District.  It was later determined service could be more efficiently provided from the City of Brighton.  Responsibilities included negotiations for water and sewer annexation and de-annexation with Beebe Draw and Brighton, estimation of costs, contract development, water, sewer, and storm water analysis.